Use Our Proven 3-Step OPTIMIZATION Process to

7-8X Your Company's Productivity in the Next 4 Months

(while DRASTICALLY reducing "management" and oversight)

One full day. Your core team. Our team of operations experts.

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Are you bone-tired from living on caffeine and adrenaline trying to keep your business going?

What if I told you that you’re one click away from being able to 7-8X your company's productivity in the next 4 months? And what if this meant you working LESS?

You’d think I was crazy, right?

Are you ready to see EXACTLY how we've helped hundreds of companies just like yours become


This is literally the exact same approach I’ve implemented in hundreds of my client’s companies… I’m holding NOTHING back.

  • Learn the stupid-simple 3-step plan to guarantee 7-8X your company's productivity. (Hint: It has nothing to do with working more, paying employees more, or reducing creativity.)

  • Discover the little-known profit maximization tactic that keeps more money in your pocket and allows everyone to work less.

  • We reveal the breakthrough technique to free up 10-20 hours in your week while making you 3, 4, up to 6x more revenue.

  • Identify the iron-clad system (specific to your business type) for creating “sticky” hires.

  • The secret “Break All the Rules” strategy that will get you top talent for your business (without breaking the bank in employment costs).

  • Exclusive 9-minute assessment that will tell you how to double your vacation time in 2024.

What you'll get in your personalized session:

  • Employee Impact Analysis: Step by step guide to nail the key daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for each of your key employees, resulting in 7x productivity with decreased “management.”

  • Unbreakable Process Framework: Foster a culture of accountability by creating clearly defined roles so your team can't pass the buck on responsibility.

  • $250K Waste Reduction and Profit Optimization Worksheet: Identify holes that are preventing you from maximizing the time, talent, and resources your company ALREADY has.

  • Growth Scorecard: Learn how to find out what is actually driving the growth of your business and eliminate broken systems.

Who the heck are we and why should you listen to us?

Erin Mathie

Erin's gift is the ability to create organizational systems and structure. She started her first business in 2008 and grew to employ 23 people. In that business, she was able to structure and automate so thoroughly that she was only working 2 hours per week!

She later sold that business, and training time for the new owners consisted of a meeting in her home office for 4 hours one Saturday afternoon- and they have never contacted her since!

Her love for systems led her to become a founding partner of Process Partners. In this role, she works closely with business owners to streamline their workflow and integrate CRM software. Erin is a seasoned trainer and has been a sought-after presenter on KSL 5 and ABC 4. She is married to her amazing husband Chip and is the mother of 3 active boys.

Learn how to move away from doing everything, so you can become a shareholder business owner.

Looking back at the hundreds of clients we’ve helped, I’ve learned that every entrepreneur has the opportunity to go through 4 different exits…

Exit 1

The first exit for most entrepreneurs is when they break free of the golden handcuffs and start their own business. Remember that feeling of total fear and excitement at the idea of so much freedom? It was great while it lasted right?

Exit 2

After the initial excitement faded, you found yourself with the most challenging job of your life because you became the Chief EVERYTHING Officer of the new venture. Like so many small business owners, you found yourself with LESS time and financial freedom.

At this point, most question their decision-making paradigm, and a significant portion give up!If you’re reading this, I don’t think that’s you - either you’re still there and wondering if you’re just a glutton for punishment, OR you’re ready to make the second exit…

Exit 3

You developed systems and processes, learned how to hire (and fire), became a true CEO, and life got easier, right? Right? Probably not…

You likely still have HR and marketing issues, and unless you have a finance degree, there’s a lot you still don’t understand about your business.

Don’t get me wrong, you graduated from the chief problem-solver, BUT the problems seemed to get bigger with more people depending on YOU to make the right decisions. That’s A LOT of pressure.

So now what? Time for another EXIT!

Exit 4

It’s time to become the shareholder business and build a company that can truly run without you!

Exit 5

When you retire, will you just close the doors and say goodbye to your life’s work, or will you sell your company and cash out on all the value you built? A not-so-fun fact: 80% of small businesses listed don’t sell. Why? Because no one wants to buy your hot mess job! If you want a shot at selling, it starts with building an efficiency machine!

Check Out What Our Past Clients Are Saying:

"Process Partners lives up to its name! We have struggled and floundered for 10 years with our grassroots nonprofit. I’ve been given ideas to optimize and systemize but never had the manpower or time to actually implement anything. My dream is to have our nonprofit last well into the future. My reality was a lot messier than my dream. Along comes Process Partners. My staff tells me it is the best money we have ever spent. We now have the tools to be successful and sustainable into the future. This needs to be something that every business gives itself!”

LuAnn Lundquist, Memory Matters Utah

"Yesterday, I was working on our website and found my notes from our last meeting.  At the time, I had a vision of how my company should be run, but it turned out my employees had no idea what it was.  The exercises you gave us helped me start thinking like a business owner and gave my staff clear expectations so they knew when they were succeeding.  Thanks to Process Partners, I'm not afraid of success.  There are still challenges, but knowing that I can trust each team member to do their part means that I no longer face them alone."

Jamee Mitchell, The Tax Company

Here’s everything you get with

The Efficiency Machine...

(These playbooks have been sold on their own for thousands of dollars.)

  • Employee Impact Analysis (Sold alone for $7,497)

  • Unbreakable Process Framework (Sold alone for $997) 

  • Growth Scorecard (Value: $297)

  • $250k Waste Reduction and Profit Optimization Worksheet (Value: $147)

Total Value: $8,938

Schedule a consultation call and lock in your 66% discount on

The Efficiency Machine

Questions we hear all the time:

“This sounds like A LOT of work! Is it?”

Our expert team is ready to offer full support and do the heavy lifting for you. You just need to show up and we will guide you through every step of the way. You will walk away with a new vision of your business and a plan to implement it.

“Is this virtual or in person? What are the hours?”

We can do either one depending on what works best for you and your team. Let's discuss on your consultation call.

"Can my team come with?"

We will identify the key players and encourage them to participate in the full-day session.

“How do people take time off work to come do this?”

I get it! The business is already running you ragged and it is hard to envision taking time off to work on the business. The ugly truth is that is WHY you need to take the time to come and begin to free yourself from the business so that it can run independently.

“Is there a guarantee?”

Yes! If you attend the event and we can’t find you 10X what you paid for the event in savings and opportunity, we will gladly refund your investment.

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